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    Stage and Background disappear during preview




      in my UI Prototype, it always happens that at a certain point in the browser preview, the stage and the background of my work disappear.

      I have tried playing around with the stats for overflow and also all stats for width.

      While previewing, the stage/my background comes back by changeing the viewportsize to a smaller size...


      viewport smaller than 1024 x 768


      viewport 1024 x 768 or bigger


      Any suggestions what else to try ?

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Is it possible that at some point you are setting the Background Color to white?


                 Have a look in your Timeline. If you see Stage but no animated elements then it should be good.

                If you see Stage > Background Color in the Timeline, then I suspect there are multiple property markers that dictate a change in color.


          Feel free to post/zip your project file if you would like other memebrs of the community to better assist.



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            trixlme Level 1

            thanks for your reply!


            i've checked that already and any other corresponding layer, but none of them has any colors at any time. I just used transparent svg and png. Only the stage is colored.

            Probably it is a failure with chrome, because using the preview from a localhost with firefox is not having that failure (chrome does).


            Without any changes concerning this proplem, it disappeard in chrome just today. I have no idea why....