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    Acrobat X Pro - enable reader rights problems


      In Acrobat X Pro, I have created a blank digital signature block.  When I try to enable reader rights (File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features) I get an error message saying "This document could not be reader enabled". 


      The document has 4 text fields that the Reader user will be able to fill in.  I created them by adding text boxs.  None of them are read only. 


      The document also has the blank signature block.  I created that by creating a new form field, choosing the digital signature, and drawing the box where I want the signature.


      I've checked the security settings, and nothing is not allowed. 


      I just need this to be opened in Reader, and have someone digitally sign it.  The digital signature works when I click on it in Acrobat.  I am just unable to enable reader rights.  What else can I do?