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    Thumbnail Previews --- PLEASE --- tell me this isn't so ;-)

    AtonMusic Level 2

      So PPRO FINALLY enables their users to see their clips and use Hover to skim thru' them.

      So I have a project setup and a big nice window with all my clips... I let PPRO render the thumb previews.

      I was skimming thru and adding clips to the timeline.


      All good and fine


      Then I close the project... And after re-opening it, ALL the previews were gone... PPRO started rendering them again.

      That is, PPRO would ONLY render those I was currently able to fit on the screen. As I started to scroll the previews were gray

      and PPRO started to render again...


      Please tell me that there is a preference to KEEP thumb previews somewhere and that I am missing the obvious here...


      Adobe, if you DO copy Apple and add skimming (yeah you call it Hover) but Apple invented that.


      PLEASE --- copy the whole thing and try understanding WHAT and WHY it is important to KEEP the previews ;-))))


      That someone even has to write a post like this is crazy -- what were you thinking ;-)))))))))