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    Printing Booklet Question

    garethirwin1234 Level 1



      I am trying to print a booklet from either indesign on acrobat.


      I have the pages laid out in A4 the intention to print to A3 as a booklet.


      Its works fine except I have to stand at the printer to turn the page to insure it prints correctly. If I tell acrobat for instance to print only odd pages, it takes that to mean within th ebooklet I only want odd pages, where as what I actually mean is I want it to print the odd pages of the entire booklet. That way I can set the printer to print the entire range of one side of the booklet then pass through for the even side.


      I just cannot fathom that this is possible. Meaning for non duplex printers the user has to stand there as each page comes out?