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    Layer Effects affecting non-overlapped JPEG coloration??


      I'm having some odd results when using layer effects on a text box in indesign (CS6). If I apply any effect (multiply, color dodge, etc.) to the text box, it is actually changing the color of an entire jpeg that is on a layer below it. The text box and jpeg are on different layers and obviously are also separate objects, and yes, I'm quite positive I am only applying the effect to the text box. If I click on the jpeg its style is still set to "normal."


      If I export the page the color change is still there, see below-- The blue color is part of a larger jpeg that the text box is placed over and obviously the left and right colors are different. The right side has a multiply effect on only the textbox. I don't know how the text effect can alter the looks of an entire jpeg........


      layer effects.jpg