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    Changing compiler's locale produces FB error and output folder reset

    ADI D

      Reproduce error:


      • Select Project Properties
      • Goto ActionScript Compiler
      • Alter -locale in Additional compiler arguments adding one more locale i.e. "en de"
      • Click OK
      • Now, select Project Properties one more time
      • Goto Actionscript Build Path and you will see error "The currently displayed page contains invalid values." and Output folder is cleared out


      What is causing this error? Am I doing something wrong?


      Output folder was previously selected as a folder outside of the project's home dir and was directed to sshfs mounted disk.


      Only way I have found to fix this problem is to set the -locale to default value -> "en_US" but that is not the thing I want to do.


      System: OSX 10.8.2