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    Export Objects to JPGs by ObjectStyle


      Hi all,


      i'm looking for advice and help in scripting the follwing:


      I have an InDesign document with multiple pages and certain elements/groups that i'd like to export to JPGs. Every element or group i'd like to export, has a certain object style applied for identification purposes.


      Now i know that it is possible to export selections to JPGs like described in this thread. As i would need to select the items manually in the linked scenario, it isn't an automated process. Basically i need the same thing as the export selection to JPG script wihtout selecting the elements but identifying them by a certain object style instead.


      Every help attempt is highly appreciated.


      Regards, Martin

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          -hans- Level 4




          var myBestObjectStyle = 'myBestObjectStyle';
          var currDocPageItems = app.activeDocument.pageItems.everyItem().getElements();
          l = currDocPageItems.length;
              curPageItem = currDocPageItems[l];
              if(curPageItem.appliedObjectStyle.name === myBestObjectStyle){exportToJPG(curPageItem);}
          function exportToJPG(someFunnyPageItem){
          alert('fireYourExport here ...')    ;


          gives you the page item -> run the export from there ...


          Hans-Gerd Claßen

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            martinpet Level 1

            Hallo Hans,


            thanks. I got it working. curPageItem.appliedObjectStyle.name  was the thing, that i've been looking for.


            regards, Martin