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    Upgrade from PS CS3 to CS6


      What is the correct procedure to upgrade from CS3 to CS6?


      CS3 is already installed on my Win 64-bit machine.


      a) Should I deactivate CS3 first?


      b) Do I just install "over the top" of CS3?


      c) Any other hints or possible issues?


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          Curt Y Level 7

          If you do not want CS3 on the computer delete it BEFORE you install CS6.  Otherwise you can run into file association problems when deleting old versions.


          When you install CS6 it will ask for the qualifying product.  Type in the s/n of CS3. 


          There is no conflict with having the 2 versions on the computer, in fact most users perfer this as they have a backup if one has a problem.


          Be advised that CS6 takes a lot more horsepower and puts more demand on computer than CS3.  It really needs 64 bit OS and min. 8 gigs of RAM to work well.