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    Activating contents of a package

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      I'm testing deployment of a new CQ based site that we plan to roll out onto our production CQ servers, which already host an existing site.


      The new site relies on the old site, and updates a few of its files to newer versions, so the the package that we have to create and then deploy from our staging server to our test and then production servers contains quite a few filters - some very specific.


      Right now it seems that once we install a package, we have to manually go in and activate every folder impacted by the package in order to get it running on the publish instances.  This is very tedious since the Activate Tree tool will not accept folder specifications such as /apps /etc or /content.


      Is there an easier way to do this that I am unaware of?  Replicating the package from within the package manager seems to only replicate the actual ZIP file, not install it and expand the contents.  Is that true?  Are, perhaps, items from /etc and /apps in installed packages automatically activated, even though they still show as "modified" with Activation Tree?


      I've read somewhere that there is a Java API that could be referenced to do activations, but I have been unable to find documentation of such.  If I could develop a tool to help, that would be great.


      Any leads or clarification on how exactly activations are expected to be handled would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.