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    Issue with PD Novel..

    Larry Woller

      I have Adobe Digital Edition 2.0 downloaded on my pc.. I have the pc authorized and also my PD Novel.. I downloaded a book onto the pc, then transferred to the PD Novel.. I can read the book on the pc but when I attempted to read the  book on the PD novel, I get the message " this device is not activated, see users manual"...is this a issue with the Novel or is there something more that I need to do to connect to Adobe to open the book?


      Thank you,

      Larry Woller

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          This is an issue with the PD Novel.  When you get these things, you should

          go to their website and register it with them.  When you do that, you will

          be asked for a user ID and maybe a password.  It helps if you use your

          Adobe ID and password - that makes life simpler along the way.



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            Larry Woller Level 1

            It seems that the company reponsible for the model Pandigital that I have is no longer in business as of October 11th, 2012...smile    so I have a tablet that is no longer supported.. luckily I didn't pay much money for it and can still use it for other purposes so long as it works... I was just curious as to whether I could download another software, etc on the unit so I could be able to download and read a book?...


            Larry Woller

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Of course we're partial to Digital Editions here in their forum.  But you

              could check out the competition: Calibre, Bluefire Reader and Overdrive

              come to mind immediately, and then there's Aldiko, which runs on some

              Android devices.


              Hope this helps!


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                Larry Woller Level 1

                Well, let me rephrase the question, smile.. seeing as how the issue is with the device, I don't have any support for the device and I am on my own and I cannot open any book from any source at the moment, does Adobe have a stand alone software or app that I can download on my PanDigital device that will open Adobe books and I can read?.. I can uninstall the B&N application that was installed...



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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  No (smile).  ADE software does not run on ereaders - only on PC's or

                  Mac's.  You should know that from the ADE documentation.


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                    Larry Woller Level 1

                    I am aware of ADE as I have it downloaded on the laptop.. smile. was inquiring as to whether Adobe might possibly had a different download....as you mentioned in the first post, believe the issue was with the installed software by Pandigital.. I have sinced uninstalled it and have managed to download Kindle to Android and it works fairly well.. at least I can read a book .. I don't normally read that much (other than a rare paper back or hardcover, smile) these days  but got the device ($66.00) to take with (instead of the laptop) as my wife is currently undergoing radiation and chemo, 3 -5 hours,  after  she had surgery a few weeks ago.. makes for along day with nothing to do...smile..


                    Anyway, thanks for your help, will not give up on Adobe, perhaps in the future.. smile


                    Larry Woller

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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      It appears that you're continuing to ask the same question (frown).  So,

                      either I'm dense or you really want an answer to a different question.


                      Let me try this way to get to the nub of your issues as I understand them.


                      First, your Pandigital broke and you can't fix it.


                      Next, you wanted to know what you could do to run on an Android device.


                      Now, you're talking about a 'different download;.


                      No matter what 'download' of ADE you end up with, it does not support

                      Android devices.  Also, it cannot be installed on Android devices.  Some of

                      the other software I mentioned will help you with those devices and

                      interface with sources for ebooks.


                      You mention that you've installed ADE on your computer from the start, but

                      you still want to know if there's a 'different download'.  Obviously, I

                      don't know what you mean by that, so all I can do is tell you that ADE

                      comes in two versions: 1.7.2 and 2.0.  Both of them run on Windows PC's and

                      on Mac's.


                      You were able to download a Kindle ebook to an Android device.  Amazon does

                      its own thing, so good luck with that.  If it works, then you have a source

                      for ebooks that does not involve Adobe products at all.  For the present,

                      no version of ADE supports Kindles because of the proprietary software that

                      Amazon has developed for them.  So, if you stay with a Kindle, then you

                      will be able to use Amazon and some other sources that will download

                      specifically for Kindles, such as libraries and universities.


                      Good luck.


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                        Larry Woller Level 1

                        The Pandigital is not broke, but appears there is a issue with the software intsalled that will deal with B&N and Adobe... I were asking if there were another download other than ADE...I have ADE, I have the Pandigital authorized with Adobe as well as the pc, can connect the Pandigital to the PC, ADE will recognize it, can transfer the book  but cannot open as I said in my beginning post..and seeing as there apparently are not other software downloads for Adobe AND no support for the device that I have, I managed, with the help of Amazon to download  and install a software on the device (Kindel to Android)  so I can download and read books when I need to.. had Adobe, which you say they do not, had any software that I could download, I would be using that...as it is, at this point in time all is well and the Pandigital is working..

                        Thank you,

                        Larry Woller

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                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                          I think you still are looking for 'software' that does not exist (frown).

                          Please understand that the Pandigital uses software from the manufacturer -

                          not Adobe and not ADE.  Also please understand that Adobe does not make

                          software that runs on ereaders, which I have said before, so there is no

                          software from Adobe or ADE that will run ON the Pandigital ereader.  It's

                          not clear from your answer that you understand this.



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                            Larry Woller Level 1

                            Apparently you are not reading my post but just glancing at it.. I shall post some excerpts from MY last post,prior to the reply that I am replying to here; "The Pandigital is NOt broke, but appears there is a issue WITH THE SOFTWARE INSTALLED that will deal with B&N and Adobe"...


                            "I were asking if there were ANOTHER download OTHER than ADE"


                            "seeing as there apparently are NOT other software downloads for Adobe AND no support for the device that I have, I managed with the help of Amazon, etc"..


                            Perhaps I posted too many words and you got lost reading.. in either case, have books downloaded with the help of Amazon and reading quite fine..  AND the Pandigital works!..


                            Have a good day!


                            Larry Woller

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                              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                              I read all of your posts, Larry.  I answered you - more than once -

                              specifically to the questions you asked.


                              I am glad that you got the device working with someone else.



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                                I have the same problem as you - cannot activate the PD_novel.  What help did Amazon provide please?  Pandigital do not answer the phone in UK and i emailed the US but sofar no reply.

                                Many thanks for any help



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                                  Larry Woller Level 1

                                  Hello Peter,

                                  Not sure what model PD Novel you have or software you have on the tablet, mine is the PanDigital 72-70FW 7 Inch Tablet/Computer White, Model # R7T40WWHF2.. as I said in a previous post, I called PanDigital and was informed that that modely was no longer supported, etc so they could not help me.. I have an account with Amazon ( for things other than reading, smile) and they were prompt with emails (and phone calls if needed) trying to assist.. basically what I did were, uninstall the B & N software and download "Kindle For Andorid" on the tablet (they also have Kindle For PC also, smile)..I had a issue with some of the downloads and they said they were having a issue with 3.7 but 3.6 worked..anyway, the latest one they recommeded were at this site; http://bit.ly/kindle36

                                  I went to this site; www.freewarelovers.com/android/app/kindle and downloaded Kindle 2.0.2. 102300153... will depend on your PD Novel but there should be a Kindle for Android you can download and read books.. perhaps one day Adobe and all with get together and not make life difficult..smile



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                                    PeterCurle Level 1

                                    Many thanks. Will check this out. Best regards Peter

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                                      Larry Woller Level 1

                                      You are welcome!.. If I can be of further help, don't be afraid to ask!..smile


                                      All the best on your side of the pond...



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                                        PeterCurle Level 1

                                        Dear Larry

                                        Thanks again for your detailed instructions. I have the same model as you and an Amazon account. I successfully downloaded the Kindle 2.02 software but the bit.ly/kindle 36 did not suucced due to a "parsing error". Unfortunately although I have successfully ordered free ebooks for download from Amazon  the actual download process fails. 

                                        I also have not deleted the B+N software.  Perhaps the  Kindle download does not work because the Kindle 36 is not loaded and I wonder if this is due to my not being in the US.


                                        The build no of my PD Novel is 2012.02.14  so it is rather of concern that they tell you the PD Novel is no longer supported. Another   post I saw somewhere suggested that Pandigital ceased trading in October.  They do not answer the phone in UK .


                                        So have arranged to return mine to the retailer and get a replacement - hopefully a different make.  It is a pity because as a tablet it works well and there is an app prebundled with a store of 2,000 ebooks which works.  Just not the books I want.


                                        Anyway  thanks for taking the time to help. It nearly worked.

                                        Best regards


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                                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                          Peter, what we've found here in the US is that the Kindle cannot import

                                          ebooks from B&N because the file formats are not compatible with Kindles.

                                          Amazon has done this deliberately, so that they link the Kindles tightly to

                                          their website.



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                                            Larry Woller Level 1

                                            Hello Peter,

                                            Sorry that you didn't accomplish what you set out to do...not sure about the UK but Pandigital is still in operation here, just don't support the tablet that you had and I have...

                                            As far as Amazon is concerned, there are some apps and books that will not download to any tablet but the Kindle, so one needs to be careful there..


                                            You CAN download books from Amazon... go to your account, sign in and go to Manage My Kindle, open and to the right of the book or apps you ordered there should be the word Action.. click on it and if you get the option Deliver To My, click on that and you get the option to download to a device of your chosing (I have the PC, the Coby AND the Pandigital) while the device you wish to download the book to is on.. it should send it to the device and probably put it in Archives on your tablet and you can download from there..


                                            Also, if the book is compatiable and you have the Kindle for Android apps on the device and the device is registered, in the upper right where you click to purhcase, below Get Now With 1 click,  there should be a little window there that gives you the option of where to send the book or apps...if you get a little window with your device model in it and there is a red circle with a x next to it, it is not compatiable with your device...


                                            When you click to purchase, you may also get a little window that says to enter your mobile number or email address to download.. with the device you wish to download to purchase, enter the email address, click and then go to your email account with the device.. Amazon will send a link that will download the book or app to your device...


                                            You can do this with your new replacement also, should you wish to use Amazon to download any books, etc..unless you get a Kindle or Kindle Fire and then you won't have to...smile..B&N book format is EPUB (though some older versions are a different format) and is usually read by Adobe Digital Reader..Kindle is AZW at this time but Amazon contemplating converting some to EPUB or PDF


                                            Hope this helps in the future and good luck with you new device whatever it may be..


                                            Best regards,



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                                              Larry Woller Level 1

                                              Forgot to add,

                                              On my Pandigital, when the Kindle App is open, in the upper left have a icon with the  return arrow, the icon to return to home and a icon with three bars. tap the icon with three bars, some options will open and tap Sync and the tablet will access your account and download anything compatible with your tablet that is not already on the tablet.. each brand of tablet will have their own little version, the Coby will say "Sync and check for items"..



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                                                PeterCurle Level 1

                                                Hi Larry

                                                Happy New Year.  Just thought would drop you a line as still have the Pandigital PD_Novel tablet ereader.  Decided to keep it because found that the Slide SAM 4.0 icon links to www.digimediaapps.com whose books will download and also found www.feedbooks.com which works as well.  Although these libraries are rather limited.  There is a post on the Fixya website describing how updating the firmware to the current version(which I have)  caused the loss of Adobe eBooks!

                                                Thought was getting somewhere with Barnes and Noble but their US website refuses to download outside USA.  Crazy.  They are selling Nook ereaders in UK - very recently- but access to this library requires Google Play Store loaded.

                                                Apart from this Adobe and B+N problem have successfully transferred, videos, music and photos so am managing to get most of the functionality I wanted.

                                                Thanks again for all help last year.

                                                Regards Peter

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                                                  Larry Woller Level 1

                                                  Hello Peter,

                                                  Hope your holidays were safe and happy and a Happy New Year to you also!!...glad things are working out with your Pandigital.. I still have mine and use it.. should you find the time in the future and wish to experiment, you should  be able to download some books from Amazon also, but not all books.. both Amazon and B & N will let out a few books but with them having their own tablets, will no doubt have priority for them in order to sell the tablet...smile..I haven't downloaded from B & N  nor Adobe at this time...

                                                  It is a bit crazy about some of the international rules, etc, some by the businesses themselves.. I used to love to listen to Classic FM radio station in the UK via internet but they have changed the rules and can no longer listen because I do not live in the UK!...smile.. but do listen to BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio 3 from time to time...smile