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    how to pause an embedded video

    loxfear Level 1

      hello i got a code just like this:


      var youtubevid = $("<iframe/>");

           youtubevid.attr('src','http://www.youtube.com/embed/ykF1y2EJ2nI');  // url/Video_Id
           youtubevid.attr('frameborder','1');       // 1 | 0
           youtubevid.attr('allowfullscreen','0');   // 1 | 0


      and i want to pause this whith an button but how?

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          loxfear Level 1

          i still havent figured it out yet .. anyone?

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            Dam4222 Level 1

            Hey Loxfear,


            I am having the same issue except I am using a video locally. This is how I call it in compositionReady:


            var background = $("<video width='855' height='480'>" +

               "<source src='media/ATT_ADWORKS_INTRO2_FINAL.mp4'/>" +

               "This browser is not compatible with HTML 5" +




            // stage symbol lookup, and append the above vid object to it;

            // in other words, get the div called 'vcontainer' and attach the video control to it;




            // additional options for the video object




            I want to be able to have the video pause/stop if another button is clicked. I tried using some basic knowledge of Jquery to do this but only got so far. Basically if I place the following code in the the Click action of my button I can get my DIV to hide. However, I cannot get the video to stop playing.


            sym.$("vcontainer").stop("true", "true").fadeOut();


            It appears we need to some how tell the iframe or in my case the <video> to pause or remove itself.


            Anyone else know how to do this?



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              jaketherake222222 Level 1

              I have not long been using edge.


              I have container that pop up that display the video but when you close the container the video carries on playing.


              The user needs to press a button to close the elements to then goto another one to open it up.


              I came up with an idea... What I done was put this on the button and it works...




              Yes it stopped the video playing as it deleated it and no I have no idea how to pause it. The only problem now is that the user will not be able to see the video again and I have no idea how to script it to create the symbol back. LOL (Anyone!!!)

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                Dam4222 Level 1

                Hey Jake,


                So here is what I figured out. You need to use some Jquery to pause and play.  Check out my sample file:




                Essentially, the video Autoplays. Then upon the click of the "TRIGGER" is pauses, and then launch into another part of the timeline.



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                  CPBTenner Level 1



                  Can you repost the sample file?  I am running into the same problem.  I have a youtube video in a div that I hide/show.  If the video is playing when the div is hidden it keeps playing. I would like it to pause, or ideally stop so that it is back at the beginning if someone clicks to show it again.  Is that what your sample does?