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    Hyperlinks and InDesign CS4

    Heirloom Bob Level 1

      I have created a document in ID and created hyperlinks for several items featured in the document. Everything works fine except I want the hyperlinks to open in a new window.


      In my example, the created pdf document is being emailed to my database. When my customer opens the email and clicks on the PDF, it opens as a pdf document but in a browser window. Now when they click an item in the document, it opens up to my website, but opens in the same window so they only way they can go back and view the pdf doc is to "go back". I want the pdf window left open and each time they click an item, a new browser window opens.


      I should also mention that the exported PDF document works perfectly. The pdf doc opens in Adobe Acrobat and the hyperlink opens in a browser window, exactly as I want. The issue is when I insert this pdf document into a "newsletter" to go to my customers, it is inserted into a Browser window rather than opening in Acrobat. Sorry for the lengthy explanation and I hope it makes sense.


      Here's the results of what my customers sees after they open my Newsletter: http://www.heirloomlinens.com/docs/flyer%20front%20page.pdf  The links to my website are all there but they don't open in a new window.


      Any help would be appreciated.