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    Vista flash player install issues


      Hi All, this is my first post on here and as most people, only here because I am in need of some help. I have been trying to update/ install flash player onto my system Vista home prem 32 bit after a failed update around 4 weeks ago. I am told that I do not have admin rights to complete the install, which I do! I have tried may different help tips including safe mode (pc and firefox) new account on both with admin rights and runniong exe as admin all to no avail. I will admit being a bit of a fumbler when it comes to this sort of thing but I am trying. Any help greatfully received. All was going well until the 11 update, since then i have uninstalled all prev versions I tried to re-install again today and now, despite being told the install did not finish, that  flash player 11.4 r402 has stopped working, which in turn freezes my firefox until closed but repeatedly pops up.