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    Capture HDV as mp3 & can't import projects!


      First of all a hi to all here
      I was working with Premiere CS6 before but my HD broke down and decided not to use the image backup but to do a new and fresh install on a new 2TB HDisk

      Working with Windows 7 64

      I have all my projects folders with the footage saved and made a copy of all.

      Now I can't open any of my CS6 projects, saying some problems that it can't open the project (This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type) or error decrompresing audio or video.

      So that is the first problem

      Second is when I caputure video from my JVC PoHD cam it does the popup window at the stop command does not come to ask to save the video (have the settings checked on PAL, my system, HDV checked

      Instead I can see the video, not in my media browser on Premiere but in the folder as MP3


      What can be wrong?
      I installed after uninstall with the Adobe tool again but the problem remains.
      Also installed Functional Content but also this did not help


      I am out of any ideas how to solve this, maybe someone had the same and found a solution?