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    Stage is a mess upon saving (Bug?)

    tfbkny Level 1

      Hey Edge Wizards! Happy Halloween to those who can still celebrate it...


      Was curious if anyone can replicate the issue I am having consistently had that is rather frustrating: After saving the document being worked on, the stage gets messed up and no longer reflects the view that was being worked on (not just reloading the Stage default, but shows several states overlapped almost like some sort of onion-skinned view). The doc. is a very simple one Just a list of buttons top to bottom at the center of the screen and contained in a nested symbol which is animated to slide L to R off screen


      Structure looks like:




      ----(List 1>(buttonA1)thru(buttonAn))+((List 1>(buttonB1)thru(buttonBn))>  animation applied L to R on both symbols which sill slide upon clicking on trigger buttons on stage


      Upon saving you get everything shown on screen in a overlapping mess of semi-transparent elements... hopefully the above is clear enough to understand.


      Cheers from flooded NYC (boy have I been lucky!).

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          tfbkny Level 1

          Well I guess I have to bump this because since October there has been no reply if sort and the issues with Edge Animate are still there. Will there be a fix to the way the application is working (or better not working) now? To have your stage completely messed up upon save and having to go all the way back to stage to have it "fix itself" refreshing the view each time isn't exactly my idea of efficient workflow


          Thanks for looking into the issue Edge Animate team wizards!




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            drsqueegee Level 1

            I've noticed that when I save my file while I'm editing a symbol that it seems to mess everything up as you have described. I have to zoom out on the timeline slider, return to the main stage, and then save, otherwise things will get messed up or the program will hang.


            I agree that this is not very efficient. My project has MANY elements. Perhaps there is something that I have done wrong to cause the hanging and saving problems with edge. If any of the experts would like to have a look I would be happy to upload a recent zip.

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              tfbkny Level 1

              You could upload it in advance so it will be available for the experts to take a look... thanks for adding your experience to the thread. Edge is a program just at the beginning and we must be patient... though this oversight is just sloppy QA and should've been caught and fixed in a "point-release" (hint-hint An team! ;D)