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    Placed Inline Graphics Auto-Resized to 100%

    ibanez81 Level 1

      I'm using InDesign CS5.5 and I noticed the following:


      1. I place a graphic (using Command+D) inline between two paragraphs

      2. Using the Selection Tool (V), I resize the graphic by dragging the lower-right corner while holding Command and Shift

      3. Next, I make an edit to the paragraph above it

      4. The placed graphic changes back to being 100% in scale (bounding box as well)


      I've tested this with a new InDesign file along with JPG, AI, PNG, and PSD filetypes. It seems to happen in InDesign CS4 as well.


      A workaround I use is the following:

      1. Place a graphic outside of the text box (anywhere on the canvas)

      2. Resize the graphic

      3. Highlight and Copy the graphic

      4. Double-click your cursor into the text box where you would like the graphic and Paste it


      The reason I ask is because I work on booklets that have text and graphics already flowed into a pre-existing InDesign template. Yet when I make any changes or edits to text (linebreaks, etc), I then have to carefully look for any graphics that may have "changed". These aren't small booklets so you can imagine this can cause many issues.


      Is this expected behaviour?


      Thank you in advance.



      Edit 1: I'm also noticing an issue with Paragraph Styles not being retained on graphics and tables as well once a change has been made.


      Edit 2: I think I found a solution. In the InDesign preferences under General > Object Editing > When Scaling, set that to Adjust Scaling Percentage, the resizing issue no longer occurs.


      Edit 3: Completely isolated the issue. We use some Typefi 5 plugins for other jobs and they're causing the behaviour. Once they are moved out of the plug-ons folder and then I open InDeisgn, everything works as expected.