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    Sony XDCAM HD import error

    Roberio Oliveira


      I am testing Adobe CS6 and realized that it can't import the mxf clips I already have in my HDD, which I've been using with CS5 and CS5.5 without problem.

      I've been reading a lot about this issue here and on others sources out there. Nobody pointed any solution, as far as I am concerned. The best aproach was the convertion of MXF files into another format, such as MPEG2. This workaround wont actually work here because we are a station television and we shoot everything in XDCAM.

      We are working with CS5 and I would just update it to CS5.5 but it seems I can't do it anymore.


      Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide!



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          What model camera does the media come from?

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            Roberio Oliveira Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            We use Sony PDW-700 and PDW-800.

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              Hi Roberio,


              Is the Professional Disc structure still intact on your HDD?

              Have you tried to ingest those MXF-files into Adobe Prelude, and from there sending them to Premiere Pro?

              Which machine (PDW-U1, PDW-U2, PDW-HD1500, PDW-F1600, PDW-HR1) do you use to ingest the discs onto your HDD?





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                Roberio Oliveira Level 1

                Hi Ivan,


                I don't have the entire folder structure from pro disc, but I can test this. Note that for XDCAM HD I don't need them as I do for XDCAM EX. I just need the MXF files from clip folder. At least they used to work fine this way on CS4, CS5 and CS5.5. We use PDW-U1 to copy the clips.


                I'll do more tests with new clips and will let you know. Btw, are you able to work with XDCAM HD successfully on CS6?

                Thank you.

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                  ISDV Level 1

                  Hello Roberio,


                  You are right about the disc structure. You only need the MXF-files. My fault!

                  So for I have no problems with XDCAM HD422 footage in Premiere Pro CS6.

                  Most of the time I'm still using MPEG-HD420 @ 35 Mbps footage from a PDW-F355. I'm only having audio problems with it in Prelude, but that's not an XDCAM HD problem. With AVCHD I have this problem too.

                  Are you using Windows or a Mac?





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                    Roberio Oliveira Level 1

                    Hi Ivan,


                    Sorry the delay, I was forced to stop the tests for a while.

                    I'm using Windows 7.

                    Today I tested XDCAM HD420 footages from the PDW and everything went well. Same for IMX.

                    Then I started testing other HD 422 clips, and was able to import them. Looking into the metadata I figured out that some clips were actually reencoded using MainConcept plug-in; those clips I could not import. Then I installed Rovi Totalcode plug-in and was able to import them all.

                    That's the problem I need to seek solution now, as we have a two years old archive entirely encoded by MainConcept. But now I have an enlighted path before me.

                    Thanks for the help, Ivan.