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    Something like Gradient Map in InDesign?

    jethrodesign Level 1


      Wondering if in the new version of InDesign (CS6) there might be any way to do anything similar to the Gradient Map adjustment layer in Photoshop? I'm open to a plugin or any way to use a Photoshop adjustment layer in InDesign if that's at all possible.


      We just need to colorize a bunch of grayscale images in InDesign and would like more control than the 2 colors you can get when doing it traditionally in InDesign (image color & background color). With a gradient map, we can add a dark/black shadow color and/or a light/white highlight color in addition to the main foreground/background colors. This allows for the same tonality as you could get in InDesign but with much more depth & contrast, much richer.


      We just won't have time to be constantly opening all images in Photoshop to do this and do any color updating that needs to happen. Too many images for this to be practical.


      Thanks. Any other creative ideas are welcome.