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    How can I execute a java class with arguments from an air application built from mxml?


      I have an mxml application. It has a button, and when that button select event occurs, I want my mxml air app to pass arguments to a java class I have built, which resides in a package path on my system. I need to be able to pass several arguments to my java method from my mxml call. How do I do this, and what config files are necessary? For the simple task I want to engineer, can you show me an example of a properly configured config file? My java class has been executed at the command line in the past as follows:

      java -cp %CP% com.abc.prism.queue.EmitMessage XYZ "my message text" 5672

      where %CP% is an env variable that tells my class the classpath it runs with, and XYZ, "my message text", the IP address, and the port are the arguments I must pass from mxml to my java class. How do I accomplish this?


      How do I make known to the java class I call from mxml the %CP% class path? It tells my java class where to find various rabbitMQ jars.