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    Processor Usage


      I'm thinking of purchasing a Mac Pro, 3.2Ghz, Quad core. I have been searching for how Adobe's software can access the various cores of the different configurations, that is, does the software only address one processor or does it multi-thread? I do primarily graphic design using (currently) the design suite CS4 - planning to move to CS6. I'm not a heavy Photoshop user but would use Illustrator more for 3D work if it will render fast enough.


      I don't want to over buy (currently have a G5 Quad (2006) with 14GB ram) but certainly want to go faster. I need 2 DVI out on the graphics card and I see that the Radeon 5770 has that. I have a 27" and 24" monitor on my current system. I don't do any video, just print work; no web either; lots of transparencies in my work though so rendering fast is a must.


      I've read a couple of threads that indicate CS6 is slow on the non-Nvidia graphics cards. I don't mind replacing the card but I want to make sure that the system I'm looking at will "do the trick." I'm not interested in any iMac; I'm sure they are fine, the price is great but having everything in one unit is problematic - one thing fails and I loose my entire system.