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    Mixing Frame Rates, Outputting for Broadcast

    dwhillans Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm working on a project that is going to broadcast. Most of my sequence is 29.97, but I have a few clips (stock footage) that is at 23.98 or 30 fps.


      I'm aware that Premiere can work smoothly with these different formats and that I can output the entire sequence to 29.97 in the end, but my question is whether this can pose problems for the broadcaster later on? Or can Premiere do all the pull down that is needed?


      For example, I once had to have two videos with different frame rates (23.98 and 24) transferred to tape. I took both videos and edited them together, then exported it as one file that was 23.98. I received a call from the transfer house saying they noticed that the two videos were at different frame rates (even though I had exported it all in one video file as 23.98). They said they would have to run a special process to conform them.


      So, although I can export my sequence (the one with mostly 29.97 clips, but also a couple 23.98 and 30 fps clips) as 29.97 in the end, will there be any problems (maybe not noticeable to the eye) that the broadcaster would raise later?