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    Saving bookseller-specific IDs


      Is there a way to save bookseller-specific IDs?  When I try to read books that I purchased from Barnes and Noble, I'm prompted for my username and unlock code.  It would be nice if I could save this information so I don't have to type it in each time.


      Also, when I click on Help->Authorization Information, it says "This computer can read Adobe DRM protected content authorized to the following account(s):".  This seems to imply that multiple accounts are supported, but I don't see how to add more than one.


      I'm using ADE 2.0.


      Thanks, Don.

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          Derek Leng

          Hi Don,


          The unlock code is different with multiple accounts support. ADE will help you to remember couple of last codes you inputted besides accounts activation. It will not prompt you again unless you gave it too many unlock codes (including wrong ones).


          Don't worry and good luck.