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    Problems with CS6+Youtube


      I've got a big problem. I bought CS6 in order to be able to freely edit my youtube gaming videos to add simple watermarks, overlay titles and the odd fade in/out... For whatever reason, CS6 when I finally do finish that it kills the quality (completely), adds a border and additionally proceeds to have the time be in a format that isn't uploadable. My beginning files are filmed with Bandicam and come out at 700x480 .avi files with MJPEG video codec and PCM audio codec. These work perfectly and upload easy, but adding a simple title that fades out, and a minor fade at the end is resulting in needing 13+ hours to export back to AVI format (again with for whatever reason lower quality despite clicking options for highest reolution) and with obviously changed codecs cause they wont upload... I'm cropping the frame to remove the border and that just seems t be adding even more time, for something that shouldn't be there in the first place, honestly what can be done about this? I'm now 3 days behind filming since I bought CS6 because it keeps butchering my videos.

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          IsaacZephyr Level 1

          Oh, I figured just so I can show exactly what i mean by this, here is the video quality before using CS6 with my videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joAn26aHm7Y And that's the most taxing day I've run it. And this was after: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsMTx2yY_4g on a day where I had 0 problems actually filming. It was only after editing that everything went to hell, and I've tried 3 times now to do it better and each is taking me 13+ hours and not even guaranteed working...

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5



            Please inderstand that 700X480 is not a standard size for any known video format.


            MJPEG is not the optimum choice for input video. It is already extremely compressed I imagine. That codec is for output, not input.


            I am not saying it can't be done, it can, but you said something that puzzeled me.  Why are you exporting back to AVI when YouTube prefers H.264.


            Other questions: How are you creating your sequence? You should be dropping a clip on the "new item" button so that the sequence matches your input exactly. What size frame are you exporting? There are no presets for 700X480. Did you set the frame size before exporting?


            If you want to send me a little bit of your video, or tell me where to download it from some site somewhere, I would be happy to take a look and see if I can export something worth watching.

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              IsaacZephyr Level 1

              Okay, so I'm getting change output file from Bandicam from MJPEG to a less compressed file. That's one step (forgive me I'm more an elements user, video work is fairly new to me), and then it's the H.264 format youtube prefers?


              For 700x480, that's what CS6 claims to be the video's frame, event though the file itself says 848x480, for some reason I'm losing 100 pixels off the sides, and it's when I go to export, adding more border top and bottom, leaving me with minicsule video.


              To create the sequence I'm importing the files I want to use to a sequence (since they wont open right up into CS6) and dragging them to their appropriate places on the timeline thing, making sure the psd file overlays are in place and spanning the appropriate time.


              This is all stuff I wanna learn to do (and in good time since I've lost a lot of it at this point). I have all my original files as well as the project files nd /should/ be able to send them to you (somehow... I don't upload much, I'm just getting into that but I save things often). Do you have an e-mail or something or is there a way to do it all here?

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                Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                I sent you a private message.


                Hopefully by less compressed, you mean Lagarith


                That is visually lossless. I see that as a choice on the support page for Bandicam

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                  IsaacZephyr Level 1

                  Lagarith? That's a new word for me, I'll have to look up what it means as I look up the option (sorry for the delay here, it was 1 am where I live and I was exhausted. College and whatnot). I'm sending the files now, everything I used as well as the project file so maybe you can explain where I went so horribly wrong.

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                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                    Lagarith is a visually lossless codec that happens to be a choice for out put of your capture software. Big files, high quality.




                    Edit:  I don't have the info yet. It will probably have to wait until I get home from work tonight.

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Did you install the mjpeg codec from Mainconcept or Morgan?

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                        IsaacZephyr Level 1

                        @ Gotz Alright, I'll look it up for filming my next segment. For now though I guess I've gotta get the less quality version to work for the sake of my viewers.


                        @ Ann The codec is the one that came right with my recording software, so... Neither? Bandicam has quite a few codecs built in you can film in.

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                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Try the Mainconcept codec, because as soon as you edit in Premiere the trouble starts.

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                            IsaacZephyr Level 1

                            Mainconcept codec? This build up of codecs is confusing me a little. What's wrong with the Lagarith one that Steven suggested?

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                              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Lagarith is a good codec, but you already captured in mjepg.

                              If you want to use Lagarith you will have to capture again.

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                                IsaacZephyr Level 1

                                Which i gathered. Maincodec then is used to change the codec of things already done?

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                                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                  Just an update. The file Isaac sent that was small enough was the wrong codec, it was MPEG1. The proper file was too large.


                                  However, I now have his Photoshop logo to superimpose over a video, and I can see that he applied a 30 frame cross dissolve to fade out the 08;23 logo.


                                  I can see that the properties of the file he wanted to send are:


                                  848 x 480

                                  00:23:50:05, 30.00 fps

                                  48000 Hz - 16-bit - Stereo


                                  The file he did send seems to be using square pixels.


                                  So, I downloaded the same program - Bandicam, and I while I won't be playing a game, I will capture a video from my Premiere Pro CS6 program monitor that is about the same size, although a different ratio. His is about 1.761:1


                                  First I need to eat dinner, then I will get to work on this.

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                                    IsaacZephyr Level 1

                                    Sorry bout that codec change. i figured it was one of my older files... All the others were too big and I've got too much in the background running to support filming anything small with any semplance of speed/framerate.

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                                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                      Step 1. I created a sequence using square pixels with a frame size of 848X480. I imported an HDV file - just something silly. An alligator wrestler tickling an alligator at Gatorland in Florida.


                                      The video has some movement. It isn't a game of course, but I thought the straight lines of the railing might enhance the test.


                                      Step 2. I put the HDV file on the sequence keeping the sequence settings.


                                      Step 3. I then exported the original file so you can see how that looks on YouTube. This video #1


                                      Step 4. Then I put Isaac's logo on top and exported it for YouTube the exact same way. That is video #2.


                                      Step 5. Then I played the video in the program monitor at full quality and 100% of scale while I recorded that playback with the same software Isaac uses only mine has a watermark. I recorded using MJPEG even though I probably would have used Lagarith - but MJPEG is what Isaac used and that is the purpose of all of this.


                                      That is video #3. It is not posted directly but will be available from my web site for anyone who really needs it. But they are easy to create for yourself.


                                      Step 6. Then I put a logo on the video and captured as video #4.  Also not posted to YouTube.


                                      Step 7. I put Video #3 on the Premiere Pro timeline and exported it for YouTube. This is the actual reference video for the next step. It is Video #5.


                                      Step 8. I put the logo on the MLPEG video in the timeline and exported as Video #6. This is the real test. A MJPEG video on a Premiere Pro timeline with a logo, exported for YouTube.


                                      The settings for the exports to YouTube are all identical. It is up to you to judge the quality.


                                      I am making all of the original files available for Issac to download. If anyone else wants the files, just send me PM and I will provide the link.


                                      You will want to use the YouTube large player, not the small player, and it does little good to make it full screen since most computers do not upscale all that well. Although on my monitors the degradation is not all that horrible.


                                      The black lines on the sides are minimal and are only troublesome if you look for them - or so it looks to me. I believe this to be a function of the large player but I can't swear to it.


                                      Here are the YouYube videos:



                                      The export settings i used for YouTube are as shown:



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                                        IsaacZephyr Level 1

                                        That's awesome! The quality looks great. :3 I'll have to put all this through tonight when I get home to get Episode 8 up, then film obviously in new codecs to make things easier. The widescreen bars aren't terrible, though are they a quality of specifically the codec or can they be removed at all? The problem I was having were fullscreen bars on the sides that were inscredibly invasive and pointless because CS6 appeared to be cropping the sides anyway.

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                                          Steven L. Gotz Level 5



                                          I am glad you are satisfied with the results. Keep in mind that I recorded the same way that you have been recording so you don't really have to change to Lagarith. Although I suggest that you try it out, just for your own edification. Also keep in mind that mine was not game footage. There might need to be special considerations.


                                          All I did to get the quality I achieved was to take the same output settings I use - the YouTube preset for HD, and then change the frame size. The data rate is a bit excessive for the frame size and frame rate but I figured I would err on the safe side and go higher rather than risk lower.


                                          The widescreen bars are minor enough I think, but as far as I can tell, they are an artifact of the odd size of the 53:30 frame ratio. Youtube just doesn't adjust for it properly would be my guess. There may be YouTube experts around that could answer that question better than "live with it".


                                          Just a little off topic comment: A videogamer with a girlfriend? Apparently times have changed more than I thought.


                                          I took a look at the game. I have to wonder why you are not capturing full screen like the guys who do the tutorials?

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                                            IsaacZephyr Level 1

                                            Yep, gamer with a girlfriend. :3 There's a lot there, and I'm not a full time gamer, it's more a hobby I do while I'm at college for being a Funeral Director. As for the not doing fullscreen, I just find it annoys me... I mean I could but my screen is something like 1366 x 768. Bigger than most frames. Additionally I like to keep track of a lot of background stuff like Skype calls and homework. I'm terrible at multitasking and I don't want anything caught in the background that doesn't need to be seen. That still doesn't stop Youtube's Adsense from complaining about copyright at the moment though, despite I own a legal copy of anything I mention, or myself own the copyright.