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    CAN NOT Render a composition with audio to a .mov or quicktime file!!!


      I can render my compostioions without audio, but not WITH.  i am only trying to rendier a 10 sec animation with music clip to a .mov or quicktime file to turn in at achool.  Nver has worked in the trial version AS6.  Now it still will not work and I just forked over the $29.99 for a one month subscription, hoping that was the hang up....  I am distraught because I can not turn in any of my work for school! \Does anyone know anything that will resolve my rendering problem??  I've tried everything i can understand to try.....   Please let me know!  thanks a bunch - Doree

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          lasvideo Level 4

          Well, so as to eliminate the obvious...you have checked the audio export in the lower left hand corner of the Render Queue screen, right?


          Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 8.48.20 PM.png

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            promotionpro Level 1

            Hi, Yes.... We are using the h. 246 (is that the number, sorry....  the codec that will render to a quicktime movie....) and clicking the include audio box....  the composition renders fine with no audio (when i remove the audio file altogehter and just render the motion composition, for example)....  I'm on a windows 7 home premium 64 bit system.... I OWN CS6 - the suite one that didin't inculde AE, unfortunately.  Turns out I needed it for my digital art class that wnadered into beginning animation.  No problems moving from PS into AE and doing my first animation assignments on the trial version....   BUT it will not render my work with the audio (as the program does at school on the MACs/Mac CS5 version they have on the computers there)l..... 


            I've been doing my work in my own PC so I can work at home AND use my own CS6 version of PHOTOSHOP (again, iinstead of MAC and C#5 which is what i would be using IIF I could spend my days and nights at school and still run a family)).  Anyway, my own CS6 Photoshop on my windows 7 computern is where all of my layers to then animate are being created first., so I  just decided to use the trial CS6 on my own computer, too........  all has been smooth moving my files from my own PS to the trial version of AE and creating my animation -- until. rendering to this basic file format FAILS completely.... 


            I finally gave up in disgust on the trial version and JUST ponied up for the monthly subsription version.  NOW I have unstalled the trial and I'm having problems getting the download manager to let me download the subscription version -- PLUS I don't know whether switching to the subscription version is going to solve the render problem or not -- (since I can't download it!....   I do not have ANY reason to think there is anything about my system preventing the rendering.....   Does any of this info help you help me?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              How 'bout some real info? Sorry, but you are just winding yourself up. If audio is the issue, we need to know the exact render settings, what audio sources are involved, what audio hardware you use on the system and all thiose annoying little details....