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    How to embed an edge animation into an existing webpage with the edge assets in a different folder?


      Okay, so I know how to straight embed an animation by keeping all of the folders and assets messily in the same directory as the HTML file that I want to embed the file in . . . BUT, what if I want to keep all of the edge animation assets in a folder in another directory?  Obviously I need to go into the different edge JS files and update the paths, but which ones? 


      I've been experimenting right now and obviously the preload JS file has a ton of URLs that can be updated to get things in place, but I still can't seem to pinpoint every url that needs changing.  Has anyone else done this?  (And again, I want to embed the edge animation and keep all of its corresponding assets in a different folder instead of in the same directory).


      Thanks Much!

      -J Cole Morrison