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    Some issues with Presenter 8




      I have some issues withe Presenter8:


      Slide durations:

      I want to set the duration to 0 sec when in the slide manager to the slide is set to "Advance by user" > "Yes".  (It can be set to under 0 sec, but it does not work, the slide duration is never less than 0.5 sec.)


      Swf files:  

      I have SWF files with audio and interactions, it appear different depending on how i choose to start the page (after i have published the course). Sometimes it starts as it should and somtimes it does not. I can't find out what triggers this. In "manage Swf" have ticked "Control using playbar"...



      I also have quizes in my course, I have audio to each question and responce at each answer. The audio at the responces con not be stoped until the audiofile ends, the audio is still running if I click any other buttons or click next.



      Any suggestions?




      Anne S