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    Is there any advanced feature of Adobe Flash released to lower the page loading slow down rate...?

    Rahul Tech

      Any advanced feature of Adobe Flash to embed in my site


      Hi! My site is basically based on providing share market tips covering finance market. The site was recently migrated from the old look to a new look for a professional view. To make the home page wear a professional look, I am displaying a video like screen for news headlines organising images into jquery effect. But what I experienced so far this jquery effect is slowing down the home page at the time of loading (plz refer the screen shot below). You can check it  at Puntercalls Homepage .  I'm sure if I embed the normal flash feature in palce of this jquery, it must slow down than the former.



      So what I exactly want to know is if there is any advanced feature of Adobe Flash by which the homepage won't slow down while loading.



      Kind suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance!


      The screenshot of slower loading as the result of jquery effect:


      Puntercalls Slower loading screenshot.png