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    RED EPIC 5K CAMERA (4:4:4)



           I am going to participate in a short film cinema festival and I have to prepare my movie. So I will rent a RED EPIC camera in order to be able to shoot in 5K. I would like to have the best possible quality. I would also like to ask if RED EPIC can shoot at 4:4:4, because I am going to have a lot of green  screen shots and I want to retain every croma information. 4:2:2 is still OK for chroma keying  but in professional occasions like this, detail is important. I know that cameras which shoot at 4:4:4 are very expensive, but that is not a problem since I will just rent one.

      So, would you happen to be aware of a camera that can shoot at 4:4:4? If the RED EPIC could natively shoot at 4:4:4, I would prefer using it.



      Much obliged,