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    How to set a anchor point alignment character in table??


      PLs help i am a new in javasprit.

      i have no idea how to do that><


      1. select the (align the decimal point)

      2. 48mm

      3. alignment character





      my script:


      var myDoc=app.activeDocument;


          var    myParagraphStyle = myDoc.paragraphStyles.item("Table");

              myName = myParagraphStyle.name;

      var tabletable = myDoc.tableStyles.item("Table");

      var myTable = app.selection[0].convertToTable("\t","\r");

      myTable.appliedTableStyle= tabletable

      myTable.columns.item(0).width = "50 mm";

      myTable.columns.item(1).width = "50 mm";

      myTable.columns.item(2).width = "50 mm";

      var celltable = myDoc.cellStyleGroups.item('Cell').cellStyles.item('Table');

      myTable.cells.everyItem().appliedCellStyle = celltable;

          app.selection[0].applyParagraphStyle(myParagraphStyle, true);

      myTable.columns[0].cells.itemByRange(0,-1).texts.everyItem().appliedParagraphStyle = myParagraphStyle;




      Thank A Lotpls help>< i have thought for a few week