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    How to fetch rss feed in Edge Animate?


      Hi All,


      I am very new to Edge Animate. I am trying whether we can fetch RSS feed in Edge animate like Twitter feed or not.  I don't have any idea how to do it? Can any one help me in this?




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          joel_pau Level 5



          You have a tuto and sample files here (you have a jsonP example).

          RSS feed can be managed using jQuery (Ajax and json, jsonP).

          Here: you have a json example (Post #6).

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            Girish@2adpro Level 1

            Hi Joel,


            I already gone through the tutorial, but still having problem in fetching the content. Below is my code which i am triggering on composition ready:


            try {

                var feedURL = 'http://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?id=163276271689&format=json';


                $.ajax({url: feedURL, dataType: 'jsonp'})

                    .success(function(data) {

                        $.each(data, function(index, entries){


                            var itemRenderer = sym.createChildSymbol("itemRenderer", "feedContainer");

                            itemRenderer.$('title').html( entries.title );

                            itemRenderer.$('desc').html( entries.content);






            catch(error) {

                alert("Error: "+error.toString());



            Pls let me know if i am doing any wrong...



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              joel_pau Level 5

              Well, i can not test your variable feedURL. Browser returns:


              Note: you must be authorized.


              Then, you can try these test lines (compositionReady):



                              url: feedURL,

                              dataType: 'json',

                              success: function(data) {

                                   console.log(data.entries);//developer tools: console

                                   $.each(data.entries, function(index, item){

                                       var itemRenderer = sym.createChildSymbol("itemRenderer", "feedContainer");

                                       var title = item.title;

                                       if (title.length == 1) {title = "no title ==> only pics"};

                                       console.log(title.length+': '+title);//developer tools: console

                                       var content = item.content;

                                       console.log(content.length+': '+content);//developer tools: console





                              error: function(){

                                  var itemRenderer = sym.createChildSymbol("itemRenderer", "feedContainer");

                                  itemRenderer.$('title').html(':) Facebook is unavailable!');





              Therefore, your code has 2 errors:

              • error #1: $.ajax({url: feedURL, dataType: 'jsonp'}) ==> $.ajax({url: feedURL, dataType: 'json'})
              • error #2: $.each(data, function(index, entries){ ==> $.each(data.entries, function(index, entries)



              Now, if you want to hide feeds without title:

              if (title.length == 1) {

              //title = "no title ==> only pics";