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    selector string parsed on every message

      Hi. I have developed for my company an internal client/server app where messages are sent from server side over an RTMP channel. I'm using LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.5.1. We have encountered some memory leaking issues, although I'm not sure it's LCDS. Nevertheless, I have observed something that concerns me while profiling the app server (JProfiler 4.3.2 attached to Tomcat 6.0.16).

      It seems that flex clients' selector string is being parsed every time the server routes a message on the channel. This process incorporates classes such as JMSSelector, SQLParser and SimpleCharStream. It utilizes a significant amount of memory and CPU. Shouldn't the selector only need to be parsed when the flex client reports that it has changed?

      I have exported the "Allocation Hot Spot" view from JProfiler so you can see what I mean. Here's the link: Allocation Hot Spots as seen by JProfiler