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    New to Editing, what to buy?


      Hey guys,


      I'm very new to the editing game and just finished editing my first home video with Adobe Premiere CS6. I have another video to edit now that is full of high resolution 1080p clips taken from both a DSLR and a RED EPIC, those clips take FOREVER to render on my machine, even though my machine is pretty powerful (8GB of DDR3, Core i7, 2 Velociraptur drives in RAID0).


      Is there a card/interface I can add to my computer to make rendering and maybe even playback without rendering go smoothly? I don't really need a capture card since all the video I use is already in files and I just read it off SD cards.


      Any recommendations?

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          JFPhoton Level 3

          ...a more complete description of your current machine would help.....which i7....what GPU, (video card)......layout of your current disk drives,etc.       Also, what do you mean by "rendering"?....do you mean rendering previews to make the timeline run smoothly,or, EXPORTING to a finished codec?

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            yoerez Level 1

            Sorry about that, here's a little more info about my system:


            CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67Ghz

            8GB DDR3 RAM, Motherboard: ASRock X58 Extreme

            Nvidia Geforce GTX560 Graphic Card, 2 x 320GB Western Digital Velociraptor 300GB each - 10,000RPM at RAID0


            And no, I don't care about exporting to finish codec, I understand that takes time. I'm talking about while you're working. You know, if I add a transition effect, I always have to push ENTER for it to render the red otherwise if I try to play it it will show nothing at that point.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Time to get a new system what that kind of material. No sense in investing $$$ into this system.


              See Adobe Forums: What PC to build? An update... and http://ppbm7.com/index.php/intro-part-1

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                I would suggest atleast upgrading to 24GB of ram if you want to continue using this system with that material. 8GB is really bare minimum for HD and the Hardware MPE engine.




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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  For the current time, do you have your GeForce GTX 560 card enabled for GPU hardware acceleration?  It has to be added to the Adobe file "cuda_supported_cards.txt" file if you have not already done that.  With it your transistions that are GPU hardware accelerated it will eliminate rendering.

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                    yoerez Level 1

                    Hi Bill, Thanks for your valuable reply, I haven't done anything to enable GPU hardware acceleration, I thought that happened automatically. Can you give me more information on how to do that exactly?


                    Where is this txt file? and how do I add my card to it?

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                      Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                      and scroll down to "How to unlock..." in red.

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                        yoerez Level 1

                        Awesome, I did it. So nice of this guy to make a program that does it automatically.

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          It still leaves you with a dated, old and relatively slow (at stock speed) CPU, insufficient memory and insufficient disk setup for this kind of material.


                          Upgrading memory as Eric suggested can be a waste of money, since that will be hard to port to a new system. Your disk setup needs serious attention, you have covered the hardware MPE side of things, but I surmise you have not tuned your system at all and you have not overclocked your system, as a stop-gap measure. Your disk setup with only a single volume (raid0) is seriously lacking.


                          It all depends on your level of tolerance, but this system - as it currently is - with the material you intend to edit is slower than molasses in winter.


                          Just my $ 0.02

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                            yoerez Level 1

                            Sorry man, you couldn't be more wrong... first of all, upgrading to 16gb of ram is only $79, which is really not a big deal. Second, I have 2 other hard drives on my system, a 1.5TB and a 500GB, both WD Black 7200rpm with lots of cache. But regardless, if my project fits on my 600GB RAID0, why wouldn't that be enough??


                            Also, since when is my processor out of date?? I get top benchmark scores in every benchmark I try, and I do overclock it (only by %5, but that's enough).


                            Maybe you should keep your 2 cents...

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                              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              You did not SAY you have 2 other drives... so any comments are based on what you SAY, not what you see in your office


                              If you want people to give you good advice, you need to provide good information


                              Go to the CS5 Benchmark http://ppbm5.com/ to find out how your computer rates

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                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                My guess is that the current system ranks around #900 or worse  and is at least 5 times slower than a fast system and that is not promising for the material in question.


                                Again just my $ 0.02 (but don't add them up, it only replaces my previous offer).


                                I get top benchmark scores in every benchmark I try, and I do overclock it (only by %5, but that's enough).


                                What is your PPBM5 score and what is your Passmark 8 system score, so we have a faint idea of what you mean by 'top benchmark scores'.

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                                  Scott Chichelli Level 3



                                  """""I get top benchmark scores in every benchmark I try""""


                                  a 920 is way behind the times at this point. a sandy bridge 2600 or Ivy 3770k eat it for breakfast never mind the newer Sandy E processors.

                                  you really should have a 4 disk raid 0 for that red material.




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                                    JFPhoton Level 3

                                    .....you should be overclocking the CPU.....Harm's older PC had a 920 overclocked to over 4GHz.....max out memory on the MOBO with appropriate speed for overclocking the CPU, careful to benefit from proper "triple Channel" operation.\

                                        Disk setup is huge....use one HDD,( or SSD), for OS, programs, ONLY.....(Windows pagefile can go on a second RAID 0 that you should create by getting a second WD 500GB drive, EXACTLY like the first one. ) That 2nd RAID 0 on the motherboard should contain : previews, media cache, and cache files....ALONG WITH Windows pagefile. Existing RAID with velociraptors will contain media,( all footage) and project files.. 1.5 TB drive should be for original media backup and even export. OS drive speed has no effect on PPro performance once it is up and running.........speed of the "Project Drive",( your RAID w/ veloceraptors), is everything. Faster "exporting" can be done by exporting to the 2nd RAID array.

                                          Then, make sure "indexing" and "compression" is turned off for each drive. Allocate proper memory to PPro under preferences........turn off real-time virus scanning.....make sure disks are defragged and not too full.

                                         Shut down unneeded processes....tuning guides are on this forum.

                                      Then, take PPBM5 benchmark test and see how you do. For DSLR, you ay be OK for a while....for RED EPIC, fuggetaboutit!!!.....AAAY!!

                                          As CS6 is more demanding, this solution would only be a temporary stopgap at best......good luck!!

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                                      yoerez Level 1

                                      Yeah, you guys are taking it too far. I'm currently converting all the RED Data to regular 1080p video (just like the DSLRs) and editing at 1/4 resolution... seems to work fine.

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                                        JFPhoton Level 3

                                        READ what I just recommended AGAIN!  Obviously, you have not spent a lot of time on this forum learning about what works, and what doesn't.  Harm has just built the fastest teasted PC for PPro ever.......learn from him before you criticize anyone here!

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                                          yoerez Level 1

                                          Listen, it doesn't take a big brain to throw money at a system, and yes.. I understand that the stuff you recommended would make the video editing experience faster, but my setup is working fine. The only reason I posted this question is because I remembered that in the old days people used to have dedicated capture cards that had built in effects and helped with rendering. Cards that were made specifically for video editors.


                                          I guess that's not the situation today, so that's all there is to it. I'll keep editing on my current system thank you very much, and i'm sure it'll be fine.