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    Sequence Layers


      I have 43 photos, sequenced layers, a timeline slideshow. If I do a trim comp to work area I have 5min 16sec. Premier Pro is where I want to finish the film with titles and so forth. In Premier Pro I have the audio track. It is 8min 25sec. The slideshow film is too short at 5min16sec.

      In composition setting the duration is 5m16s. I then change the setting to 8m25s – and render the material to test it in Premier Pro. However what I have in Premier Pro is 5min16sec film and the remaining 3min is black. I cannot figure out how to make the slideshow 8min 25sec. Now if I return to AE and go to last layer do an ‘o’; do an ‘n’; and trim to comp I end up with 5m16s. That is my predicament. I don’t know how to stretch out the 43 layers from 5min16sec to 8min 25sec. I attempted with no success > time > time stretch.

      I could manually make adjustments with the photos –stretch each image out a few frames ;  I could add additional photo layers so that the new material would span out to fill the 8min 25sec - however there must be a better method in dealing with the 5min 16sec. Let me know.  Thanks

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want to change the length of your sideshow without changing anything but the timing then just drop your completed AE comp (the five minute one) into a new comp that's 8 minutes long. Then use the Time Tools to stretch the time. You can choose Time Remapping or use the {} icon at the bottom of the timeline to reveal the In, Out, Duration, Stretch options.


          If you don't want to use the time tools then you have to manually adjust the length of each layer to re-time the animation.


          You could also just retime the rendered slide shot in Premiere using the time tools there.