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    Rendering for a plugin does not multithread?

    PaulWaldo Level 1

      Hi all, I'm writing a plugin that exports selected images, runs an external program to do some calculations, then writes metadata back to the original image in Lightroom.  I've notice some things that are odd:

      • Lightroom seems to be taking its sweet time rendering the images.  I've got an 8 core Mac and it looks like images are being rendered serially.  I would have expected that LR would render 8 images simultaneously.
      • Metadata values are not updated in the UI  until the entire task is finished, even on the first image rendered.


      I've tried inserting LrTasks.yield() in various places in my plugin, but that seems to have made it even slower!  Does anyone know how the underlying threading mechanism works?  I want to hear my machine's fans screaming! ;-)  Thanks in advance...