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    Why does Fireworks CS5 keep resizing images when I paste them?


      I am having a problem in Fireworks CS5 where images that are copied and then pasted into a new document automatically re-size and become either very tiny or very large.


      I have taken some screenshots to show this more clearly: (this website only allows me to upload images of 450 pixels across so they are not too clear)


      Image 1: I have taken a large image and reduced its size to 100x100 pixels (highlighted in red).



      Image 2: I have created a new document which is 100x100 pixels in size.



      Image 3: I have copied the image from Image 1 (control + C) and then pasted it into Image 2 (control + V). The image was 100x100 and the new image was 100x100 yet when I paste the image it suddenly becomes 313x313 in size and is too large for the new image. Sometimes it becomes tiny when pasted and is too small for the document.



      Can anyone help with this matter? Perhaps I am missing something obvious, but I have tried searching for solutions and tried a range of methods (different kinds of copy and paste etc), but nothing seems to help. Please let me know what I am missing!


      Thank you for your help! As I said I am using Fireworks CS5. I am using Windows 7. If there is anything else you want to know just let me know.

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          groove25 Level 4

          That's peculiar.


          Have you tried copying the image, then creating the new document, and then pasting? The reason I suggest this is that the new Fireworks document should, by default, be based on the contents of the clipboard. Perhaps this sequence would produce better results.


          My only other thought is that the clipboard is part of the operating system, not the application. Something may be happening on that level. If the image is appearing oversized (e.g., 313 x 313 pixels), then the reduced-size version was either never copied to the clipboard, or is being resampled. Does the oversized version appear somewhat blurry? Or is it possible that you're looking at the original, un-resized version?


          Incidentally, you should be able to upload larger screenshot images to the forum. The version of the screenshot that appears in the post will be reduced in size; clicking on that image will lead to a full-size version. (The current versions are fuzzy and small in both views.)

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            amberfirez Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.


            Yes the oversized image does appear blurry, like it has been stretched.


            Regarding your suggestion about copying, then creating a new document and then pasting - the main problem is for work I need to constantly create animated gifs using Fireworks which involves copying and pasting images into a new document on different layers. As I have to put multiple images into the same document on different layers this can't work as a fix.At the moment because of the problem I mentioned, I have to edit images down to the correct size (100x100) then export them, and the import them to the new document. This takes much longer than just copying and pasting the images across.


            The strange thing is this problem doesn't always occur. Sometimes images paste normally, sometimes they are larger than they should be, and sometimes they are much smaller. It doesn't make any sense to me.

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              groove25 Level 4

              I don't know what could be causing the copy/paste resizing issue, but here are a couple of ideas that may help with your workflow:


              • You can create a new document for animation by choosing File > Open..., selecting multiple images, and clicking the "Open as Animation" option. This will place each image file into its own State.
              • Consider using commands from the States panel fly-out menu—e.g., Duplicate State, Copy to States, etc.—to move objects from one state to another.
              • Other commands to copy objects within Fireworks include Edit > Duplicate and Edit > Clone. These do not involve the clipboard and may sidestep the resizing problem.
              • Sometimes with bitmaps, I like to convert them to symbols, as it allows me to resize the bitmap freely without losing the original resolution. (This might introduce extra steps, but it could allow you to correct the image size after it's been pasted incorrectly.)


              It's a longshot, but I wonder if it would help to empty the clipboard contents once in a while, to clear out old data.

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