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    need to reinstall Photoshop CS2 but it can't find a previously installed version so won't reinstall


      Photoshop CS2 told me there was a "major problem" and that I would need to reinstall the software to continue using it.


      So I used the installer CD, but it told me it could not install because there was already a copy installed, which would need to be removed.


      So I removed the old version and tried to reinstall but now it tells me it needs a previously installed version in order to reinstall.


      Adobe "customer service"chat  is 100% useless on this, referred me to the 800 #, been on hold for over 45 miinutes now, and no relevant topics found on "help" forums.


      For a multibillion dollar monopoly, you'd think they could hire a couple of customer service reps but I guess it's all DIY "support" here, so can anyone help?