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    Downloading to Kobo from ADE


      How do I get the library books from ADE to my Kobo when there is no Kobo icon on the ADE screen?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Is your Kobo listed as a supported device?  You can check at http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices.  If so are you able to see the Kobo in your Computer window or on your desktop?

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            The original question was:


            "How do I get the library books from ADE to my Kobo when there is no Kobo

            icon on the ADE screen?"

            Jeff Wright suggested that you make sure your particular KOBO model is

            supported by ADE.  That's fine, and you should do that.


            However, your comment about an icon on the ADE screen assumes that there

            should be an icon.  That's not true.


            What you would see if you hooked up all the gear in the proper sequence is

            a word on the bookshelf side of the Library display.  That's the left hand

            side of the screen, about midway down.  All you might see is the word



            I mentioned the proper sequence.  That's very important, and from your

            comment assuming that you'd see an icon, I have to question whether you

            have followed the sequence.  Just to make sure, let me outline the sequence



            The first step is to check to see that the KOBO ereader model you have is

            on the list of supported devices.  The next step is to register it with

            KOBO if you haven't done so.  That process will ask you for an ID and

            password, and it makes things so much simpler if you use your Adobe ID and

            password.  At the end of that process, watch the screen on the KOBO and

            make sure it tells you that it's done with its processing.  Pull the plug

            on the KOBO and turn it off.


            Now for the ADE part.  Turn on the KOBO, then, plug in the KOBO to your

            computer's USB port.  Both the computer and the ereader should tell you

            that they're connected.  Now, open ADE.  If all is well, it should show the

            KOBO ereader on the bookshelf in Library view, as above.  The KOBO also

            ought to tell you it's waiting for you to do something - I don't have one,

            so I can't say what is on its screen at this point.


            Transferring ebooks from ADE to the KOBO (your original question) takes

            place by dragging and dropping them from the library side of ADE onto the

            KOBO on the bookshelf.


            When you're done with the transfers, close ADE.  Watch the KOBO to see when

            it's finished processing new content.  When it is, then disconnect it

            logically from your computer (in Windows, you can eject it using Windows

            Explorere, or use the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon in the right hand side

            of the system tray).  Once this is done, the KOBO should display the ebooks

            you've transferred on its screen.


            Hope this helps!