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    When I export a MC from flash that has a .png in it, it shows up in all browsers except iPad.


      This is working in safari on Mac and firefox. The image will not load on the Ipad. Any Ideas?


      Here is the code:


      var canvas, stage, exportRoot, offset, zoomIn, zoomOut, image, schematic;



      function init() {

                canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");

                stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas);


                images = images||{};



                var manifest = [

                          {src:"images/schematic.png", id:"_95Z7FanBrakeHydDiagramColored"}



                var loader = new createjs.PreloadJS(false);

                loader.onFileLoad = handleFileLoad;

                loader.onComplete = handleComplete;





      function handleFileLoad(o) {

                if (o.type == "image") { images[o.id] = o.result; }




      function handleComplete() {


                schematic = new lib.Schematic();








                zoomIn = new lib.ZoomIn();





                zoomOut = new lib.ZoomOut();