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    How do I create a custom quiz within a webpage?


      I want to protect a section of my website without the need for a password. Instead of a password I want to use a quiz whereby people need to answer some questions.


      I am terminally-ill and I would like to leave some private messages for some of my close family when I die.


      I don't want a password because these can easily be lost or could fall into someone elses hands.


      The format of the quiz would be as followed:


      • A drop-down list whereby the family selects which family member they are.
      • 10 multiple choice questions chosen randomly from a pool of 30 questions.
        • All questions must be answered correctly.
        • If these are not answered correctly I want the quiz to terminate.
      • 10 short answer questions chosen randomly from a pool of 30 questions.
        • The family member needs the answer type in the answer which will be a one word response.
        • 3 of these 10 questions can be answered incorrectly.
      • I want to make it so the quiz can only be attempted 3 times.
      • I want to put a time limit on the questions. If a question cannot be answered with 30 seconds I want the quiz to move onto the next answer and label the answer as wrong.


      Can anyone help me with this?


      Or can point me in the right direction of a site that can help me code this?


      Kindest regards,



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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll need some kind of database for the questions, mySQL would do there.


          You'll need a server-side scripting language to connect to the database, offer up random questions, submit viewer answers back to the server and allow access if the answers are right. PHP should be able to handle that.


          I would say at minimum a basic knowledge of mySQL and HTML with an intermediate to advanced understanding of PHP would do it.


          The code isn't going to be something you'll be able genereate using DW and I suspect there isn't going to be much online that you could copy and paste to get the results you want. This would need to be done by hand for the most part.

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            MurraySummers Level 8

            You could do this without a database, but you could't do without the server-scripted part.  You would just test for the answers in the scripting.


            But I have to ask - why is the quiz so stringent?  Seems to me that just a couple of questions would be good enough....

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              tonybabb Level 1


              So sorry to hear of your condition. What you're trying to do is not trivial unless you're already familiar with PHP/ MySQL and accepting/ validating input on forms. Dreamweaver will help but you'll really need to understand what it's generating for you.


              May I suggest a non-automated solution might be more straight forward. For example you could leave sealed letters with the executor of your will, or a trusted friend or attorney, with instructions on when/ how to deliver them.




              Tony Babb