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    Premiere CS5.5 linking to AE files


      Hi Everyone,


      I am still on 5.5 for another month or two until I wrap up with a client who is not upgrading.  I have a new project that I need to get done this week though, and I am having this weird bug.  When I go to import an AE comp in to my premiere project I get the window fine, click on the project in the folder, and for some reason, premiere keeps importing the last AE project I created in that folder (I have about 50 aeps in that folder and I want to import each one, however, it just keeps importing #50 no matter what I select in the window).  It is really odd.  I can work around by putting my aeps in individual folders, but I'd really rather not for a few reasons, not the least of which is time doing busy work.




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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          Since incremental naming issue it is known Dynamic Link bug (feature), avoid using incremental numbers at the end of AE projects names. Feel free to use numbers somewhere in the middle of the name or rather give AE projects meaning names.

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            dheitmuller Level 1

            Oh that is a feature I would definitely rather not have, but thank you for the info!  You have saved me some time.

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              dheitmuller Level 1

              OK, I am sorry to bug you, but you seem to know this system well.  I usually do everything in After Effects and use Premiere at the last second.  I was trying to use it to edit instead of FCP since I like the idea of this dynamic link thing.  However, it really is buggy.  I know in a different thread you said you had better luck when all of your linked ae files lived in the same project.  I wanted to keep my shots as seperate projects since they get quite large and unweildy.  Is there a way around the bugs?  If not, I'm going back to doing it all in AE.  I have wasted enough time on trying to make Premiere work.

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                Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                Never said anything like this. What is more, I've been repeatedly explaining for more than a year that storing all dynamically linked compositions in a single AE project is not necessary and under some circumstanses is unwise or even impossible. So as to store them in different AE projects you just need to understand how Dynamically Link works.


                In your case you're facing the issue with incremental numbers at the end of projects names. Therefore, just run batch renaming in Bridge if you want to keep those numbers, but simply move them somewhere in the middle of a name.


                My typical workflow is giving them meaning names in a first place. I also oftentimes start from AE, and my single composition may be quite 'heavy', therefore I prefer storing them in different AE projects. But I hardly ever use numbers in project names, and if so, just comply with the rule and place them somewhere in a middle. Easy.


                As far as I know, in CS6 a user can choose how Dynamic Link behaves towards incremental numbers. But I'm still enjoying CS5.5.

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                  dheitmuller Level 1

                  I apologize, I read another thread and I thought you were the one who had said that files needed to be stored in a single AE project.  I have batch renamed all of my files so that the sequence number is first, then the rest of the name to work around the bug as you suggested.  However, Premiere keeps randomly losing my files.  For example, it will link to a file, I will drop it in the timeline, then when I go to play it back, it will show a different shot in that place, and it will show the correct shot for a minute in the clip viewer, but then switch to the wrong shot that it has randomly decided to use.  When I edit original and look at my AE project, the footage is correct.  However, Premiere refuses to see it.  I am about ready to do my assembly in AE and forget premiere all together.  I am in CS5.5, and this is supposedly improved in CS6, but I can not switch until I finish another project. 

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                    Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                    Try the following steps:

                    1. Remove all preview renders for your PrPro project (do not hesitate to check the folder after that and delete the remains manually).

                    2. Clean your Media Cache Database, close PrPro, check Media Cache Database folder and delete the remains manually).

                    3. Avoid incremental numbers in AE compositions as well.

                    4. Relaunch PrPro, let it rebuild Media Cache Database and report how it goes.

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                      dheitmuller Level 1

                      Hm, well thank you for the tip.  I think I'm just going to have to do this another way.  My whole pipeline is set up with sequential file numbers.  It is how I work to keep track of everything.  All of my comps are named for the shot number with a version on the end, "project_shot00x_v00x" and I don't think I need to reinvent the wheel to use premiere.  It was an option I considered, I will simply continue with After Effects and Final Cut I guess.   It is a shame because I think the notion of the dynamic link is great.  What I want is to have a premiere project where each shot is a link to an AE file for that shot with all of the animation and effects in it.  It would allow me to work from animatic to finish seamlessly.  However, it doesn't actually seem to work that way.  I guess to do that I would have to use the source psd files then link to a new ae project from premiere.  I already have the files set up in AE so I can't see going back to zero.

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                        Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                        Not sure how e.g. 'project_shot00x_00xver' instead of 'project_shot00x_v00x' would break your workflow. However, it's obviously up to you to decide how deep to dig, dive or delve (especially on conditions of your upcoming move to CS6 where this particular issue is claimed to be solved).


                        Dynamic Link is a nice tool, but may require special attention, and even shouldn't be relied on in some cases - see this thread with some advanced comments from Todd.