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    How can I make RH 7 uninstall completely?

    JaredHess Level 1

      I have a Win 7 64-bit machine.


      I have both RH 7 (from standalone product) and RH 9 (from tech comm 3) installed on my system. I want to uninstall RH 7. My main reason for uninstalling is I have an ExtendScript (.jsx file) that is launched inside a batch file, but it instead always tries to launch RH 7 instead of RH 9.


      Anyway, I used Control Panel to remove RH 7, and it went through the process but now it no longer appears in my program group nor in the Programs and Features in Control Panel.


      However, I can still browse to RH 7 and launch it.


      Has anyone else run across this? How do I completely uninstall this version?


      Many thanks!