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    Pr Pro link to Ae issues-CS6



      I am posting in this forum since I got desprate and cannot find solution. basicaly, taking edited sequences from Pr to Ae creates a comp for each clip in the sequence, rather a layer. and the clip is unedited in that comp. I am avoiding re-editing an entire movie I created, and I need Ae to complete it.

      I started a long disscussion with a memeber of Creative Cow but he was not able to help me, especialy that the problem is attached with one large project I have in Pr, and is inconsistent.

      The question to the folks at Adobe, when does Ae creates comps for clips coming from Pr instead of Layers as it should?

      original posting on creative cow below as well as link to discussion with screen shots?

      There is a technical issue that I cannot resolve, so someone with understanding of the software Pr or Ae, could pin point the issue.I am hoping.

      Thanks in advance. 





      I am attempting to replace clips in Pr Pro with composition in Ae. I am using CS6 and I am new to Ae.

      The issue that i am having and is that each clip in my video tracks in Pr becomes its own comp in Ae. so rather than getting one comp with one layer for each video clip. i get one comp with a bunch of comps for each clip. importing one clip from Pr (even without audio), translate to a composition within the main composition.

      inside each sub comp is the original source video, unedited.

      I saw a video of someone doing dynamic link and they are not getting a comp but rather they get a clip as a layer.


      how could i get the same results? is it something i am doing wrong? I would like to get one comp with only video layers .

      thanks in advance.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Y'know, rather than just googling some random Premiere Pro tutorial that's intended for Final Cut Pro editors -- and possibly getting confused on the different terminology between the two applications -- maybe you ought to look at the videos here on the Adobe web site specifically made for Premiere Pro.


          Look At Premiere Pro's online help.  Search for Dynamicd Link.  Learn how to use it.

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            Nar9111t Level 1

            If you read the discussion, you will see that I am well aware of how to use the tool. I am getting unexpected results only for one project I am working on. Adding new clips to the project, can be linked dynamicly to Ae, or copied and pasted in Ae, or imported from Ae as Pr project, without any problems. The only solution I have is to redo the whole work, unless someone could shed light on why this kind of issue occures.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Glad you know all about Dynamic Link.  Now the diagnostic process gets more difficult: it's time to answer a boatload of questions.

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                Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                Right-click your clips in PrPro timeline and check if 'Scale to Frame Size' option is ticked for them - that is what alters Dynamic Link to this behaviour.

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                  Nar9111t Level 1

                  Sir, thank you so much for saving me to reedit my whole film, which needs a lot of AE works. Once i unchecked Scale to Frame Size, it worked perfectly! cannot be happier.  I have spent many days trying to take clips to multiple machines, paying with settings and even reinstalling Pr and Ae a number of times losing my preferences. The problem persisted because it is attached to the clips, and no matter what I did to Pr or Ae, that problem stayed with the clips.

                  I will post the answer to CC for others.


                  Many thanks to you Mr. Fuzzy. You have made my day.




                  Note: Now that I understand the problem, the inconsistency happened because my default setting in General was checked for Scale to Frame Size. Since I reset the settings in trying to fix the issue, all new clips coming in did not have the problem once taken to Ae. That is why same videos behaved differently before and after. Hope this helps.