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    SGV element does not show up when html uploaded


      SGV  image referred to in http://motorimageworks.com/gav/index.html  wont display when all Edge generated files are uploaded to server - yet it works fine when all the Edge  files are viewed on the local hard drive.


      The code was generated with Edge  and remains raw -  it is a simple document with an imported  SGV layer


      Meantime - -  the raw SGV works when viewed directly off the server ('outlined' text from illustrator) - http://motorimageworks.com/gav/images/for.svg


      All things being equal  - when we included gif layer in the same file, the gif displays fine online whereas the svg is not there  - so it cant (I dont think) be a simple relative versus absolute path to the image issues.Naturally the SGV may be displaying but without black fill I guess but why would that be only when it is on a www server.


      I am stumped and would have thought that Edge would not need tweaking on such a simple file but even so we would like to play around with this stuff further so any suggestions or workarounds appreciated.