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    Configure CF Builder 2.1 for IIS


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm having some problems trying to configure CF Builder 2.1 for a local ISS server on Windows 7. When adding a server a receive the following error message:


      [localhost]:Error(11/02 at 09:28:49) Unable to authenticate on RDS server using current security information.


      This would seem as though my either my username/password for RDS are incorrent, however I've checked at everything seems to be ok.


      My settings are as follows:


      General Settings

      Server Name: localhost

      Description: N/A

      Application Server: CF+Tomcat Bundle

      Host Name: localhost

      "Is local" radio button is selected

      WebServer Port is 80


      Local Server Settings

      Server Home: c:/inetpub

      Document Root: C:\inetpub\wwwroot

      *I am unable to select a version of CF - the field is blanked out


      Should I be disabling RDS? I am also installing for local dev so there is no need for it anyway.


      I'm a newbie to CF so I'm pretty sure it's something simple I am doing wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.





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          bigscreentv Level 1



          I'd like to add that I removed the RDS password and now I am getting:


          Error performing the server operation. Could not find path to jvm.config


          Any help would be great. Would love to be able to do some code finally.





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            charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I’m afraid things sound possibly in too much of a mess to resolve by email.


            If you may like some direct assistance (over the web, someone looking over your shoulder with you at your setup), I offer that sort of help, both for general CF server troubleshooting and for CFBuilder setup. In the case of CFBuilder, I realize some are reluctant to pay much (“it’s just an editor after all”), so I offer for that a “one problem fixed fee” approach, where I’ll work up to 2 hours to solve the problem (and help you understand the solution). For more, see www.carehart.org/consulting.


            I appreciate that that may sound smarmy on a forum/list like this, where folks hope to find free help. I just find that nearly always, getting things like this working involves several moving parts, and trying to solve it by email is really painful for all concerned.


            Hope that’s helpful.





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              bigscreentv Level 1

              Hi Charlie,


              I seem to have worked this one out by uninstalling CF Builder and starting again. Unfortunately I'm not sure what I may have done wrong.


              Not quite at the level where I think I need consulting just yet, but will keep it in mind for when things get a little more complex.