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    Imported file frame rate different from source


      When I import a particular file, it has a different frame rate than its source.  This is only happening with one specific video file and hasn't happened before with other files of similar type.


      The source has a weird rate, ~24.7. But AE brings it in at ~2.5 fps.  The source was recorded from a computer screen with software, and is an H.264, .mov file, about 61 MB in size.  I've tried dragging the file to the bin from the finder, as well as using the import command. Same result both ways.  As stated above, I've worked with other files just like this one without this problem occuring.  I even imported and used another screen recording like this one with an even weirder frame rate, at ~22.5, and even though AE rounded it up to 30, that was very usable.


      EDIT: I suppose my question is: how can I get AE to either recognize the correct fps, or at least round it to a closer value, like it did with the other file?


      I'm very lost here.  I appreciate any help!


      I'm using OSX 10.8.2, with the latest version of AE CS6.  2.6 GHz i7, 8 GB RAM.


      Thank you.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          We don't have anywhere near enough information to give you a straight answer.  You could have made a mistake setting the frame rate on your screen recording software.... and we have no clue what that software is.


          But if you want to give it a shot, you can conform this clip's frame rate in AE's Interpret Footage settings.  But if it wasn't recorded properly, it won't help much.

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            snappysm Level 1

            Hi, thanks for the response.


            Please let me know what info I could provide to help make a solid answer.  I provided all the default stuff, but if there is something else that could be useful, like something in my prefs, please let me know.


            For starters, I'm recieving the screen recordings from a client, and I don't know off hand what software he's using.  But I can say for sure, when I open it in Quicktime player and inspect the footage, it says the fps is about 24.7.  (He seems to be using some sort of variable fps setting because each file I get from him has a different rate, which for our purposes would normally be fine, as long as it's watchable.)  When I bring it into AE, it thinks it's about 2.5, and in fact, it's basically stop-motion (in AE only).


            I have, indeed, tried the interpret footage suggestion already, but that simply reduces the duration of the clip.  AE seems to have actually cut out any intermediate frames, save for the 2.5 per second.  The clip is the same duration as the source, but the source plays fine in QT.  Real weird.


            I can say that my client was previously sending me screen recordings recorded with QT's screen cap feature.  Those were all sent over at 15 fps, and all of them were fine in AE.  He recently switched at my request that I get higher fps... but maybe he should just switch back... :\


            Well, I understand this is a strange case, but I'm pretty lost here.  Any help you can provide at all would be great, and anything else you need from me would be helpful as well.


            Thanks again.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 7

              I think there's enough info to make a viable suggestion.  I'd use Quicktime Pro to export the problem file as a QT movie in the PNG codec: you can specify the frame rate in the export settings.  Yes, the file size will be larger, but it's worth it if it works.


              You should be aware that the QT player is notoriously inaccurate at reporting frame rates.  'Twas ever thus.


              You might also suggest to the client to get a different screen recording application.  I've used iShowU with good success, and it lets you specify various codecs and frame rates.  It's tough to know the actual frame rate you're supposed to deliver, but you could get it with iShowU.  I'm sure there are other good ones, too: I've just used the one.


              I don't want to say anything bad about a client, but I think a frame rate mistake was made in recording.