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    Beta 3 to Final Version: Flash

    Keith Dodd
      I have a couple of AIR apps in beta 3, created in Flash CS3Pro.
      I assume that I should recompile them in the new Version 1?

      I downloaded/installed the latest FlashPro Air stuff and the latest AIR.

      Do I just simply now recompile and replace earlier items with new? I have no other changes to make in the apps.

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          san_flash Level 2
          Hi Keith,

          The namespace is changed from 1.0.M6 to 1.0. Open your application descriptor file (.xml) and change 1.0.M6 to 1.0. Save a copy of that just in case the descriptor file is overwritten and you still have a copy of your AIR app settings. Just recompile or republish AIR and you're all set.

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            rotoole Level 1
            Thanks san,

            i knew it was something in the .xml since thats what it was from beta2 to beta3.

            figuring out which tag to change was what brought me here.

            i just tested and it compiled great. luckily its only this small fix.
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              Keith Dodd Level 1
              Thanks, San!

              All went fine. Just opening the fla automatically changed the xml sheet to the right version. I think it may have also changed my "browser can open" to false. ( I *think* I had it true). So changed that back. Someone may want to confirm whether it changes some other nodes or not.

              Thanks for quick help!