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    Convert Multicam Sequence to a "Regular" Sequence?


      I tried to export a multicam sequence from Premiere Pro CS6 to Davinci Resolve Via, XML and AAF, in both cases I get a Mess of more than 96 tracks in Davinci, is there anyway to convert the multicam sequence to a regular sequence with clip names, timecode, sorce reel, etc?


      I will appreciate any help




      Armando Ciurana

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          KGCW Level 1

          As jim said, there isn't.


          There is probably a way to get a working XML from a PrPro multicam XML but no one seems to care (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4798287#4798287)


          Well who needs to grade multicam anyway ?


          Seriously, the only two things you can do are :

          - submit a feature request to Adobe for a "collapse multicam" or similar function.

          - export your multicam edit as a flattened file and bring it into Resolve media pool using scene detect.


          Using an EDL makes this instantaneous and accurate.

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            Ciuranatv Level 1

            Thank you very much KGCW I began to feel like a martian asking for that and nobody answering, in deed I think Adobe should make this a regular feature in PPro, I am one of those "weird" people that would like to grade a multicam sequence hehehe.


            Finally, I ended exporting a Pro Res 4444 video from the multicam sequence in PPro, and use scene detection in Resolve, but, I´d like to ask you one more question:


            About the EDL option, Should I export an EDL from the multicam sequence in PPro and then import that one and conform it in the media pool in resolve? Actually I have´nt tried that one...




            Armando Ciurana

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              KGCW Level 1

              Actually I just use the EDL as a way to tell Resolve scene detect to "cut here".


              In PrPro I do a duplicate of the edited multicam sequence were I keep only the edited multicam track (on a single video track) with straight cuts. Everything else is removed (audio clips, audio tracks, video tracks, titles, etc). I export the EDL from this simplified sequence to be sure that it contains only the cuts I want to get on Resolve.


              In resolve I get to my flat export on the media page, right click on it and chose scene detect, then click on the option menu on the upper right corner of the scene detect window and select "Load EDL". Resolve asks if I'm sure and if I want to get rid of the existing detected cuts (I answer yes even if there isn't any, just to be sure). It instantly adds the cuts from the EDL, I browse through them with N and P to check if everything is ok, then "Add Cuts to Media Pool on the lower right. I then go to the conform page and append those clips to a new timeline, and I'm good to go.


              If you try to use the EDL as a real EDL in the conform page you'll have the same problem than with the XML, as it won't reference the real files / reel / TC.


              Best to you too !

              Nicolas Duchon

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                KGCW Level 1

                Oh, and obviously if you need transitions that's gonna be way harder as you'll need a lot of manual work to export the flat video with handles in place of the transitions and recreate every transition in resolve conform page.

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                  Ciuranatv Level 1

                  You don´t know how much I apreciate your help!


                  Thank you very much, I am, doing it right now according to your instructions!





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                    I don't really understand multicam sequences, but I've found a way to convert a multicam sequence to a regular sequence that works for my purposes.


                    All I really wanted was to use the auto-synchronization features of "Create Multi-camera Source Sequence" to place all my clips on a timeline, then use regular transitions, effects, and picture-in-picture techniques to composite them together, and nest that sequence in another sequence so I could apply some final effects to the whole composited result. Nesting a multicam sequence doesn't seem to work the same way.


                    I'm using Premiere Pro CC 2015.


                    The only thing I've found that works is: (1) Create a multicam sequence; (2) right-click it and choose "Open in Timeline"; (3) select and copy all the clips in the timeline; (4) create a new timeline and paste them in. Then I can do whatever I want with those clips in a way that makes sense to me.


                    The multicam sequence is no longer needed after doing this.


                    The only thing I've noticed that doesn't get carried over from the multicam sequence is which audio tracks are muted (the multicam creation dialog box is pretty smart about this), so I just have to re-mute the ones I don't want in my edit.


                    I hope this is helpful to someone. It took me a while to figure out.

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                      Nic_Petersen Level 2

                      Once you've created your multicam edits and are happy with the results (switching cameras during playback, and then adjusting the edit points using the Rolling Edit Tool is a great way to do that), select them all in the timeline, right-click on any one of them and choose "Multicam>Flatten". That will convert the multicam sequence into regular clips, which you should then be able to export more easily.

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                        aldel Level 1

                        When I try that, the entire "Multi-camera" submenu of the popup menu is disabled. I'm not sure that "flatten" sounds like a good description of what I'd want, but I'd like to try it out. What would cause it to be disabled?


                        It seems like complete conceptual descriptions of Premiere features are hard to come by, and people have to learn by trial-and-error or posting forum questions.

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                          Thanks Aldel. Copying and pasting to new sequence worked for me.

                          Adobe should really be on top of this by now!