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    Edge animation in Wordpress site slow to load.

    LisaNewZealand Level 1

      Hi clever Edge people.


      I have an (simple) Edge animation I am putting into a Wordpress site but it takes forever to load when looking at the site on a browser - trying it on ipad, Google chrome, firefox, and safari. The .oam file is 1.9mb. Is that big?


      Here is the link (site in development so kinda messy!):




      How does it load for you? Any clues about why it is slow?





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          ti2m Level 1

          Hi Lisa,


          first of all thanks for using EdgeSuite for wordpress. Did you use shortcodes? Would it be ok to use your site as a reference for edge suite, I would list it on edgedocks.com if you would agree?


          Now to your question: By looking at the network traffic you can tell that your homepage is more then 3.1MB big, thats quiet a lot. Use google pagespeed extension for chrome, yslow for firefox, the network tab in firebug or just http://www.webpagetest.org to get an idea of what's going on.


          For example, the three icons FB, twitter, vimeo are each 500KB big, so these three icons are already have the size of your page. That is one thing to fix, but probably not the only reason for your composition to load slowly. You are using a lot of small assets, it just takes some time to load these. Does the composition load right away locally? If you want to further reduce loading time you could use spritesheets. You can combine small images within a bigger image and clip the focus when using the image as a backgound for a div. And try to reduce Photo1 2 3, each 150KB big.


          What about adding a preloader for the animation, the then user at least knows that there is more to come.


          Just suggestions.

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            sarhunt Adobe Employee

            Looks like Timm beat me to it!


            I isolated it down to the three icons too, together they equal about 1.5MB which is a lot to download. Once you optomize these your composition should load a lot faster.




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              LisaNewZealand Level 1

              Hello! Hey thanks heaps for your help


              You are welcome to link the site but it is pretty embarrassingly messy at the moment as still sorting out a few things and starting to populate it. But you get the general idea! - it is going to be a series of interactive maps for activities that families can do in the Auckland Region. It seemed like Edge Animate and Wordpress were going to be a good match for what we wanted to acheive and, thanks to your plugin, its going to be super easy to update regularly. Thanks for your work on this!


              Will go and make those files smaller! Thanks!