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    Error code: 150120


      I uninstalled photoshop CS6 using Perfect Uninstaller and suddenly my Reader gone as well.


      No idea why would this happen so I guess the only way was to reinstall..


      However installation was not successful:

      'This product is already installed. Error code: 150120'


      I can find 'Reader 11.0' (and Reader 10.0 I don't know why there are two) in my Program Files but not in Control Panel's Programs and Features. Total file size is only 10.7kb.


      I am still able to read pdf file using Chrome though.


      Tried restart but nothing changed.

      I use Windows 7 32bit and was trying to install Adobe Reader 11.0..



      I am in the middle of exam, I really need reader. Can anyone please help?


      Thanks in advance.