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    URGENT!!!! Need help with a question on CMS with Action script, uploading an image without converting it in Flash

    danka21819 Level 1
      I am desperate to find an answer to a request from a client who wants to build a "design your own uniform" application. He wants it built so that the manufacturer can update the styles themselves(non-programmers) for example the styles are in vector or bitmap file (which ever works best) and can then be imported somehow into the application to be able for the enduser to change the color of the sleeves or the collar etc. without having to import the style in flash and then convert it to a movie clip. He wants it set up so that all he has to do is upload the styles to the application from an admin database and have it interact in the flash application.
      Can this be done, possible or is there any other way of doing this? I have intermediate experience with flash and action script.
      Thank you in advance for your help.